I’m Mixing It Up Today



I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this blog to get, um, bigger, for awhile now. (Not that I don’t adore each and every person who reads it now.) One of the people I’ve been watching is Stephanie over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion. Her blog blew up big time and quickly and I want to know how she does it.

One thing she does is co-host these mixers on Fridays and for some reason I’ve never gotten in on the action. Today I did. So today I’m mixing it up with other mommy bloggers and seeing where it takes me. Not only do I get my blog out there, I get to check out other super cool blogs as well. You should totally check it out. Go to Steph’s blog

When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

or More Than Mommies 

to see what it’s all about.


2 responses

  1. You’re entirely too generous with your kind words; I don’t know that I blew up as much as I have become obsessed with the whole blogging business 😉 I will say, though, that these link-ups and reading/commenting on others’ have really helped me! Good luck, Mama!

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