$5 Stickers, What?!?

There was no school today so the boys and I were free to do whatever we wanted all day. If this was an indicator of what the summer will be like, I may need to look for an escape route. Brady spent a large portion of the day either actually playing video games or begging to play video games or crying because I would not allow him to play video games. This part was not so much fun.

But I did force him outside for the sunshiney part of the day and we had some fun. We went to a little playground just south of the Met and hung out there for awhile. Image




On the walk home we stopped in a little store with lots of cool stuff. I thought that I might be able to find something small for my niece since I’ve been missing her so much. Of course the boys wanted something and since they each picked a sheet of stickers I figured I’d oblige. We took them up to the counter and I asked how much they were since there were no price tags and then tried not to throw up in my mouth when the man told me they were FIVE DOLLARS EACH! Five whole dollars!? For one sheet of stickers? Since I was already at the counter and Declan was crying just having to let them go to pay for them I forked over the ten bucks and got out of there.

While I was less than thrilled to have paid like $.20 a friggin sticker, I have to say they are pretty amazing. They’re the little puffy stickers and they’re totally adorable. Declan chose assorted animals and Brady got cars and trucks. Not only are they cute, but the kids spent the rest of the day playing with them like toys. They are the most used stickers we’ve ever had. It’s kind of amazing. But honestly, for five dollars, they’d kind of better be.




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