Project Optimism: The Sick Day


Stick with me here, I promise it’s a positive, but you may have to wade through a bit of whining to get there.

You might remember my intense fear of the norovirus and my worries of catching it and my consequent death. I thought I was in the clear when Brady got the throw-up virus and somehow the rest of the family escaped unscathed. Unfortunately, my luck did not hold out. Last weekend after the kids came back from my in-laws’ for the night, Declan woke up crying and then threw-up all over the floor. His first vomit incidence ever. 

The poor baby was sick the next day (although no more puke) and then got progressively better. But on Wednesday afternoon I started feeling off, and then downright gross, and right after the kids were in bed I was the one puking my guts up. My anxieties kicked in and I started to worry. But as I crawled sobbing to my bed, something amazing happened. My husband took care of me.

I know it was wrong of me to doubt him in the first place. I have (blessedly) not been sick much in the last 5 years and so I’ve been able to take care of the kids. But I always had that fear in the back of my mind that if I were to get really sick it would all be over. Not only did the husband tuck me in and clean up after me, he got up in the night to figure out the adult dosage of children’s Tylenol to get my fever down. 

The timing of this sickness was both terrible and wonderful. The husband was already off the next day because we were supposed to go to the museum with his cousin’s family who were in from Italy. I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, but so happy to be able to stay home…alone…to just be sick. 

While I know I said I haven’t been sick much since Brady was born, I have been sick. Just not terribly sick. Usually, like most of us, I just drag myself through. Last Thursday was the first day since I became a mom that I got a sick day. I felt like utter garbage, but I got to lie on the couch and watch tv and nap for two hours. The husband braved the rain and the crosstown bus and took the kids to the museum with their cousins. He checked in on me during the day and sent me cute photos. He even convinced the kids to stop at the store to get me Gatorade on the way home. 

So here is the happy part. I got the norovirus and I did NOT die. I WAS taken care of. I’m still feeling under the weather and my attempt at eating a full meal last night was met by terrible stomach pain. I headed over to urgent care today because I haven’t had a stomach virus in years and I don’t remember how they go for adults. The doctor told me that they pretty much go like this and to stick with a bland diet for now. Super. But, hey, I survived.


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4 responses

  1. I’m sorry that you got slammed with that icky virus! But, on the flip side I’m glad your hubby was there to take care of you. Guess it was time to take off your cape and allow yourself to be human. Super mommy duties can wait! 😉

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