Broken Teeth and Beers with Lunch

Also, Mommy Mixer. It’s a big day.

After a week filled with all kinds of stress, this morning a part of one of my molars broke off while I was eating breakfast. It was really a nice way to end this particular week. Let me just say that I take EXCELLENT care of my teeth and that I was just to the dentist to look at this particular tooth so I was a little shocked when a chunk fell off in my cereal today.

Thank goodness the husband was working from home today. He was at a checkup this morning and the cable guy was coming right after so he rushed home to allow me to get to the dentist. I got in to see someone who told me it is NOT a big deal and so the whole tooth thing is much better. Once I got home and made a work call and the cable guy left, we headed to the burger place so the husband and I could beer it up at lunch (by which I mean, we each had a single, solitary beer). It always feels like a party when there’s beer at lunch!

OK, now that I got that out of the way. I’m joining the mixer over at More Than Mommies again today. I really wanted to do a Vlog, but as I sat down to record it I remembered that I can’t post video to my blog. I’m not yet ready (or nearly big enough) to venture into the world of self-hosting, so writing my answer to the TMI will have to do for today. Here it goes…

1. Who is your most recent over-the-top celebrity crush?

I’m totally back on the Brad Pitt bandwagon. I think it’s his return to long hair, that look has got me all 16 again pining over Louis in Interview with the Vampire. Aside from looking yummier than should be allowed for a 49-year-old man, he also has that whole raising tons of kids and supporting his partner through a mastectomy thing going.

2. What is your biggest edible guilty pleasure

I’ve worked really hard to eat things in moderation, think about nutrition, and not feel guilty when I indulge, so this one was hard for me. I like all kinds of treats, but there’s nothing I regularly eat to satisfy a junk craving. I guess I’ll have to say cupcakes. I love a good cupcake and if I really, realllly need a yummy sweet treat I head over to Two Little Ren Hens Bakery and get a cupcake. Yum.

3. What is a song on your iPod (iPhone) that you dance to like a maniac whenever it comes on but would NEVER want anyone to see you dance to?

There are SO many of these. I’m assuming when you say “anyone” your own children are not included. My kids are privy to all of my crazy gyrations and I usually get them in on the action. Currently my fave dance beat is NKOTB Remix. I take that one DOWN.

Alright, Brady is writing a pretty intense story and keeps asking me for spellings so I need to go and help him out. Join in the party over at More Than Mommies.


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