Project Optimism: Firefly

Seems like all I write is my PO posts these days. Well, I suppose if I’m only writing a bit, spreading some happy is a good use of what I do get out there.

Anyway, I’m back to yoga this week because in yesterday morning’s class I did this pose…



Well, it didn’t look exactly like that, but I did it. I take the free class at the Lululemon near us pretty much every Sunday morning. It’s free and they get really awesome instructors from nearby studios to come and teach. It’s very cool. 

Anyway, yesterday morning the instructor was leading a great class and I was super happy to be there. I wasn’t planning on trying anything major since I had just been sick (again) while I was away. But she had us in a wide-legged forward fold and then encouraged us to try slipping our shoulders behind our legs. (Sounds crazy right? Also looks crazy.) 

Then she demonstrated shifting the weight to your arms and lifting your legs and swinging a bit and said to try straightening your legs if possible, showing us a perfect tittibhasana or firefly pose. So I shimmied my shoulders under my legs and tried balancing a bit.

The instructor caught my eye and I shook my head thinking I was doing it all wrong. But she ran over to me saying, “No, you’ve got it!” She kneeled beside me and, as the whole class watched, walked me through each step into the pose, legs straightened and everything! 

As I came out of the pose, I turned to her and said “That was awesome!” and she high-fived me! I felt amazing! I did that! For real. Me. 

And that feeling has stayed with me since. Yoga rocks!


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