The Way It Should Be

Two posts in one day….whatwhatWHAT?!?

I put a screaming Declan into bed early tonight since he REFUSED to nap today. We read to Brady and put him in bed a little bit later and Declan started yelling again. I chose to ignore it because he’s overtired and usually calms down pretty quickly. I got ready to get into the shower and when I stepped out into the hallway I heard:

“Ok, Declan, I’ll sing Thomas and you can listen to it. But after that, you have to go to sleep.” Then Brady proceeded to sing an adorable lullaby to Declan that went something like this, “Thomas, Thooooooooomas, rolling around, on his tracks. Thomas, Thoooooomas, with his cars…”

My heart melted. And Declan was silent. So despite their electronic-device-, sugary-treat-, mommy-catnap-filled afternoon, I must be doing something right. 

OK, that was the post I composed in the shower. Then I got out and Brady came out of his room and into ours.

Brady: Guys, I just did the most amazing thing. I sang to Declan and I got him to calm down and I got him to sleep.

Me: I know, I heard that. Thank you. You must really love your brother.

Brady: Well, really I just wanted him to stop yelling and I wanted him to go to sleep.

So maybe I should dial back the self-congratulations a bit. At least I’m teaching him that sleep is important. I guess.


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