Project Optimism: Brothers

My children were little monsters today. From the moment they woke up, one of them was yelling about something. Most of it centered around the fact that they got new toys while up at my in-laws’ this weekend and Declan wanted the toy that Brady got; two mini, racing, Turbo (the movie) snails. 

Normally, I don’t give in to whining, screaming, and complaining. BUT Brady did get a cooler toy. It was something that Declan would have wanted. Declan did NOT get to pick his own toy. Declan’s birthday is on Saturday. Aaaaaannnnndddd I couldn’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

So while out running errands I looked for Turbo snails. NOBODY had the friggin Turbo snails. It became an obsession. So I called around to toy stores and I finally found them. HA! We walked down and bought Declan his very own Turbo racing snails. All was good. Right? Well, not so much. Brady decided that the Turbo Declan chose was cooler than the one he already owned and he wanted Declan’s Turbo instead. Commence Brady whining and complaining and flipping out. Yes, I realize that I reinforced this behavior by buying Declan the toy when he complained, but he is two while Brady is nearly six and he already had the damn things to begin with. 

So where is the optimism in this post you might ask. Well, once everyone was sufficiently rested and fed, they both calmed down and then this happened. (Please excuse the crappy photo.)



They raced their Turbos into their room.



Where they played in the Batcave together. (Of course.)

And when their snails were all raced out, they watched tv together like this.



Then my heart melted because they love each other and I (pretty much) forgave them for their earlier behavior. Awww, brothers.

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