Project Optimism: The Declan Party

Saturday we had a little party for Declan’s birthday. It was casual, in a park near our apartment, and only included our immediate families and a few close friends. My family was able to come into town and stay in a friend’s apartment while she and her family away and that really made the whole day. I was so happy to have my niece there. She is the cutest thing!

It was a lot of fun and Declan had a blast. When I ask him if he had fun at his party, he says, “YES! I blow out the candles!” That’s really all a two-year-old needs.

The next day, we all walked in Central Park down to the boat pond. We hung out at the Alice in Wonderland statue for awhile before heading home. The boys had such a good time with their cousin. It was awesome to have them all together.

And this is my favorite shot of the weekend! This girl is going to be fun!



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