A Mother’s Daily Practice

I just started this post 4 times and then erased it. I really don’t know how to begin and I guess that’s the problem. I would love to have a daily yoga practice, or at least some sort of home practice. I’ve been able to get to a class twice a week pretty regularly for a few months now and it’s been great. I feel stronger, I’ve gotten into a few more advanced poses that I had been working on, and I’m actually really happy with my body overall. Plus I feel so great after each class, my anxiety is lessened, my mood is lighter, and I have more patience.

But, I want to have some of that everyday. One of the instructors I’ve recently been taking classes from stresses the importance of a home practice. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do. I keep telling myself that if I just get up twenty minutes earlier I would have twenty minutes of yoga in my life each day. But each day when my alarm goes off I inevitably hit snooze and snuggle into the covers until one of the kids wakes me up or it’s time to make camp lunch or get ready for work or whatever.

Camp ended last week and so for most of this week it’s the kids and I fending for ourselves. This morning they were completely destroying occupied in their room so I rolled out my mat in the bedroom and got down to a little sun salutation. Of course, halfway through my first vinyasa Declan burst into the room. He did a bit with me and then screamed at me to read him books, which he threw at me, and proceeded to breakdance on my yoga mat.


Here, he is commanding me to “do yogia again!”


I got Brady to call him back into their room and did about ten more minutes of yoga, during which the cat, Brady, and Declan all came in to bother me. Somehow, it’s just not the same as being at the studio. But I did manage to get a bit in there. I kept thinking to myself, yoga makes you physically and mentally strong, if you can hold warrior II while listening to your children scream at each other ten feet away, you are a goddess.

It’s not going to be a daily practice and I might have to resist the snooze button some morning soon because when I attempt it with my children around, I only end up practicing the breathing.


Sorry, yoga mat.


3 responses

  1. It’s hard but keep doing it. Dont be discouraged by the little interruptions. Them seeing you practice will actually make an impression on them. Monkey see, monkey do. I suggest you run over to TJ Maxx or similar store and get another yoga mat…maybe it will keep them off yours for all of 5 minutes. Good luck. Eventually they wont be phased by it and they’ll leave you alone…maybe 🙂

  2. I know I need to keep at it. Usually my older one loves to join in. They do yoga at school so he likes to contribute his own “moves” into our routine. It’s the other one making things difficult. Maybe I can turn him into a yogi yet. Sadly, I have another mat, and I am just too lazy to clean the mud off it from the time we used it as a picnic spot at the park. Thanks for the support!

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