Exactly What I Needed to Hear

Every once in awhile the universe throws you a bone. Sometimes it seems as if fate steps in and hands you exactly what you needed on a silver platter, even if that something is tiny and seemingly insignificant.

I have been frustrated of late. My endeavors are not coming to fruition the way I would like them to. My kids have been unruly and/or sick and, after spending the entire summer here, I am about ready to say “see ya” to NYC. We are leaving for vacation at the beach on Sunday and it really can’t possibly come soon enough.

Yesterday, since Brady was on day 5 of illness and this day happened to include vomit, the husband worked from home. Thank goodness, because I was going out of my mind. Since he was there and Brady was feeling better, I went to a yoga class.

This instructor likes to start with a thought, which I always like. She began by saying that this was a theme they had started last week that she wanted to expand on, the idea of engaging and surrendering. She wanted to clarify to be sure it was understood that she didn’t mean either working or giving up, but rather the concept that you must hold on to some things and let go of others.

She used this example: if you have a passion you would like to pursue, you should follow your heart and work at that passion, but at the same time you may need to surrender your idea of the path will get you there and allow it to take its course. This was absolutely what I needed in my life. I have been working and working at things and allowing setbacks and deviations from my imagined path frustrate me, disappoint me, and ultimately, to stall me.

It gave me some peace and a renewed sense of effort and also some hope that, although it may not be along the path that I envisioned, I may actually one day reach my goals. I just wanted to share in case anyone else in the same boat and needed a change of perspective.


4 responses

  1. I love when I catch the nugget that I need to hear right when I need to hear it. I know that when I ask, the answer will arrive. I hope that you begin to feel a renewed sense of purpose with your new perspective. Thanks for sharing your story at the #MTMmixer this week!

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