Beach Time!


Tomorrow morning we are leaving for 6 days in Cape May, NJ. I can’t wait to get the heck out of NYC and spend a little time in the waves. Never again do we plan our only vacation for the last week of summer. Though we’ve been able to get out on the weekends a lot, we’ve pretty much been city-bound for the entire summer and it’s just enough already! Enough dust, enough jackhammers, enough people, enough sirens, enough schlepping all of our junk to the friggin playground.

It’s time for sandcastles and wave jumping and pool swimming. I’m ready for arcade games and hot dogs and ice cream. I want to see my kids exhausted from long days of fun. I just hope I haven’t built it up too much at this point. 

I’ll be on vacation from blogging as well so I’ll see you in a week. 


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