Project Optimism: Cute

Yep, I’m still on the Project Optimism thing. Today’s will be short and sweet. 

First of all, see my earlier post. I’m super excited about this. Not only did I think up something new for my blog, but I’m way excited to see everyone’s photos on Thursday. I can’t help it. So please don’t be annoyed while I promote the heck out of it until Thursday.

Secondly, I had the following conversation with Brady on the way home from soccer today.

Brady: Mommy, when you look at my face, do you think I look cute?

Me: Of course I think you look cute! You have the cutest face ever.

Brady: Well, I don’t want to look cute.

Me: Why? Did somebody say something to you about looking cute?

Brady (turning away shyly): Yes, a girl at soccer called me cute today.

Me: Silly, that’s a good thing. She meant it as a compliment. Cute is a good thing.

This got a smile out of him and then we talked about how he doesn’t have to like her calling him cute, but she meant it to be nice so he should be nice about it. Then I had a moment of panic when I realized that a girl called my little baby cute. But then, really, can you blame her?



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