Project Optimism: I Did It

Let’s hold onto the optimism here, shall we? Per my earlier post I have sort of been agonizing over actually submitting some of the writing I’ve been working on recently. Well, tonight, I sucked it up and I hit that damn button and my story has gone on to those who will decide its fate. For this particular journal anyway. 

To be honest, I’m feeling a bit sick about it. Yes, I am happy that I finally just did it and put something out there, but ugh, now it’s out there and all I have left to do is wait. I have a second piece ready to go and I’m just trying to decide the best place for it before hitting send on that one as well.

This is a happy thing right? I’m getting back into the game. I’m ready for the rejection letters that will pave my path to publication. At the very least, I’m actually writing fiction again. This is a good thing. It is. Isn’t it?

Since I’m a little iffy on that one, I’ll add a little bit more happy. I was super duper excited about how Right Now went last week. It was so great to see both all of the posts and all of the responses. Thanks again to everyone. I’m hoping to see even more slices of life this week. I’m still aiming for Thursdays, but if you’ve got something going on, just go ahead and post whenever you feel the time is right. That’s the whole point. Just tag it with “right now” and link back to me so I know and can add you to the Right Now page and keep the good thing going. 

Ok, feeling a bit more optimistic after that last paragraph. Of course, I took a freelance job this afternoon soon after I posted about not working. The universe at work. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to writing taking the back(back-back-back)seat in my life again. We shall see.


2 responses

  1. Danielle, you’re braver than most. It takes a lot of courage to hit that ‘send’ button. I know the waiting game is hard, but it will be worth in the end. You give the rest of us stay-at-home moms hope!!

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