Project Optimism: Writing Avalanche


Well, I may have started slowly, but now I’m on a roll. You know how when you have a baby, people tell you that sleep begets sleep and an overtired baby won’t sleep well? Or how, after you have a baby, people tell you sex begets sex and if you just get back into doing it, you’ll want to do it more often? Well apparently, for me at least, writing begets writing.

It all started with my whiny post, a little support, and my finishing a short piece. Now I just can’t stop. I’ve finished two short pieces, submitted one, and gotten started on a long work as well. I’m not sure it will ever come to anything, but it makes me feel good. It fulfills something in me that I have always needed. It’s a creative outlet, a place to be myself, the pouring out of my mind. It is good for me. 

I also got a job where I was actually paid to use my writing skills. It wasn’t creative, but it still felt wonderful. Who knew writing chapter summaries could be so satisfying?

So that’s my happy for this Monday. I’m writing again. In the end it may end up causing me more anxiety that it relieves, but for now I’m just going to go with the momentum and hope I turn out something worthwhile.


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