Kukolina runs a weeks outfit photo challenge over on her blog and this week I’m jumping in. I don’t post many photos of myself so I thought it would be fun. 

We’re off to the husband’s aunt’s house in Massachusetts for some country air, pumpkins, and corn mazes so I’m trying to be comfy right now. This is my new favorite top, sale from Anthropologie, my favorite! 



Kids are included too so here are B and D showing off their car outfits. 





Check out all of the outfits over at Kukolina! Now we’re off to the country despite a rough morning to (as the husband said through clenched teeth just now) have fun!


2 responses

  1. The boys are adorable standing for the picture! And You my lady should take more pictures of yourself! You are a doll! And you shop at Anthropologie too? Since I started blogging this brand’s name keeps showing up. Tempting and tempting me here on this little Thai island, sip, sip… poor, little me… Just kidding! 😛

    xoxo, Eszter

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