Project Optimism: At Least They’re Cute

I spent the afternoon getting an MRI of my foot while watching the Columbus Day Parade on tv. Have you ever watched the Columbus Day Parade? Did you even know there was a Columbus Day parade? I’m fairly sure that the coverage of it I watched on ABC today was at least mildly offensive to Italian-Americans…and Italians…and Americans…and definitely to New Jersey. It was a rare form of torture being forced to sit still and listen to Joe Piscopo and Maria Bartiromo discuss just what makes Italian-Americans so wonderful while simultaneously putting them down and embarrassing them for 45 minutes. Wow.

Then I got to come home and listen for the billionth time about how awesome Ninjago is and what sets Brady does and does not NEED for his birthday and what weapons they all have and on and on and on. While this is going on, Declan is trying desperately to talk over his brother about something other than Ninjago, usually Cars, usually quoting vaguely inappropriate lines from Mater’s Tall Tales. “What’s going on ladies?”

Then I schlepped Brady and Declan to Brady’s soccer practice where I tried to stop Declan from going onto the field for 55 minutes and chased him around the track. Did I mention that I had an MRI of my foot today because it is injured and painful? If you are the mother of young children in a city where you have to walk everywhere, do NOT hurt your foot. It sucks.

Toward the end of practice Declan decided it was uproariously hilarious to walk around on his knees and then wave his arms in the air screaming before falling over and saying “Mommy, I fell down.” It actually was pretty funny and also damn cute.

Brady was stylin in mismatched soccer socks today. Actually he wears mismatched socks pretty much everyday. He doesn’t like his socks to match. He prefers that they have the same pattern, but different colors. Today was the first day he did this for soccer and I have to say I totally approve. Later on he was trying to hold pieces of paper with his eyelids. Why, I have no idea. They tell me he’s smart, but sometimes…

Moral of the story…when all else fails, at least they’re cute.


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  1. I’m sure there’s a… valuable and scientific lesson… in the paper-eye thing. We probably just can’t see the genius of it yet. Maybe if we experimented a little with trying to hold paper on our own eyes?

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