Dear Mom

Brady made me a card at school today. 



Translation: Dear Mom, I love you. I wish we could play together.

I didn’t understand it at first and he corrected me. I thought he was saying that when we play together, he wins. Much different message. We spend tons of time together for sure, but since school started I guess we don’t really play together very much anymore. I can’t really even explain how it made me feel. I was touched that he wants to play with me and that he found this way to tell me, but sad that he feels like he’s not getting enough of my attention. I asked him if he was told to make a letter to me or if he wanted to. He said that he chose to make it because he wanted to tell me we should play together.

I’m pretty sure it’s at least partly because his brother has been SO time consuming lately. I can’t take my eyes off of him for a second or he’s ripping every card out of my wallet, undressing himself and peeing on the floor, or climbing the bookshelves like a monkey. We’ve also got a jammed schedule these days with school, sports, religion class, and homework. It doesn’t leave a lot of time for playing. 

We have already begun to fix this. We broke out the playdough and made Ninjago guys today and I think we’re scheduled for a spinjitsu battle tomorrow. I can’t believe we’ve gotten to the days of using the written word to communicate. In no time I’m sure we’ll be texting each other. I’m going to try really hard to slow down a bit and play while there’s still time.


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  1. When my daughter started school last year we went through a difficult patch as she also felt like we weren’t spending enough time together and the time we did have was fraught with stress (school runs with her, a 3 year old and a baby, shopping with the 3 etc etc). She didn’t tell me at first, rather she acted up and life was tough for a while. Then the penny dropped and I built in someone ‘special time’ with her which we did once I had the other 2 in bed. This special time could be whatever she wanted it to be (within reason as it was right before bedtime). We usually play a game of her choice, or do craft work. Now my little boy is also at school I do the same thing with him before he goes to bed. Seems to work most of the time and they are happier for it knowing that they have some ‘special time’.

    • Same with my daughter. I only have her and her 2 yr old brother, but the younger one often does get more attention out of necessity. We recently started letting her stay up late on one weekend day to watch a movie with popcorn with her dad and me. It is so fun and gives us all some fun time together. It makes her feel special being the big kid who can stay up late and really reminds me how important and fun that time is with her.

      • I definitely need to find a way to get some “special time” with him. Night doesn’t work well since his brother won’t go to sleep without him. They share a room. I was so good when my youngest was a baby, but since he’s gotten older I’ve slacked off. Since my older son is in school I have plenty of alone time with my little one.

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