A Day in the Life, Wednesday


I’m doing this as a part of Winding Road’s Day in the Life link up. You should check it out too.

My blog advertises “The day-to-day life of an NYC mom” so I guess it’s about time I did this. Actually, I might have done one way back in the day when no one read my blog, but my life looks so different now. Anyway, here you have it. My day today laid out in pretty small increments. Times are approximate, although I did take notes all day. I forgot to take pictures though so I only have one to share.

7:06 – My last snooze is over and I get up. Declan wakes up at the same time, waking his brother too, so I go in and get them up. I get Brady breakfast and then Declan asks for Cheerios too so I make him a bowl. Then I head to the kitchen to pour my coffee. Declan comes in about three minutes later screaming that he doesn’t want Cheerios, he wants cereal. I pour some Kashi in a bowl and ask him if that’s what he wants. He says yes so I add soy milk and bring that out. He screams that he doesn’t want it and that he wants “that cereal, THAT cereal!!!” I inform him that he will be eating nothing and go back to coffee and my own cereal which I gulp down before getting myself and then the kids ready.

8:31 – We’re out the door. When we get to the lobby I go to do a time check and realize I left my phone at home so we walk Brady to school and then go back for my phone and Michelangelo the Ninja Turtle because it is imperative that we have all four Nina Turtles with us this morning. Then we head out to the bookstore, stopping at a fruit stand on the way for bananas for Declan who is now ravenous.

9:05 – We get to Barnes and Noble where we’re meeting friends because it’s cool out and threatening rain today and none of us feel like having our apartments torn apart by three 2-year-olds this morning. I go straight to the cafe to get coffee since I had time for about half a cup and a bagel for Declan who has finished his banana and is crying that he’s hungry. Perhaps he should have eaten one of the two cereals he was offered before we left the house. We meet our friends and hang out and read some books before making a quick escape before the evil story hour is over and the elevators are jammed with nannies and strollers for, no joke, about an hour and half.

10:20 – Quick stop with our friends at Petco to say hi to the mice and fishies and snakes. Then it’s back home for a tv show and some lunch.

12:20 – I get Declan into the stroller to go stroll for a nap. He has NOT been napping lately and it is torturous – note his behavior at breakfast this morning. A sleep-deprived Declan is a cranky Declan.

12:37 – A miracle occurs and Declan falls asleep!!! I use the time to clean up, Google chat with my best friend from college, send some emails, catch up on the interwebs, and finish an episode of Vampire Diaries I started way back the last time Declan actually took a nap for me.

2:27 – Holy crap, he is STILL asleep! I wake him up so that we can go pick Brady up from school. As we’re sitting on the couch waking up I get a call from a mom at school. Her daughter in Brady’s class is sick and she asks me to pick her older daughter up and walk her to their building. We’re going to school and walking past their building anyway so it’s no problem. Declan and I leave for school, pick up both kids, walk the older girl home, and go to Pain Quotidien for a snack before taking Brady to church for CCD. We actually have a very nice time sharing a brownie and a muffin.

3:45 – Drop Brady at church and go to a friend’s apartment who lives a block up the street to hang out until he’s done. The little ones play and we chat a bit and then D and I go to get Brady, again.

5:30(ish) – We’re home and I get dinner started. The husband and I are eating leftover chicken stew that the kids refuse to eat again so they’re getting an Amy’s frozen pizza. Once the oven is heating I put in some laundry and then B and I play Angry Birds which means we fling those little Angry Birds toys at each other with the slingshot thingees. It’s fun. Here is the only picture of my day.



6:20 – The husband gets home and we all eat dinner. Then it’s cleanup, homework for Brady, and bath.

7:18 – The kids are out of the bath, lotioned, and pajama’d. They get a short cartoon before it’s time to get ready for bed.

8:00 – Teeth are brushed and the kids head to their room with the husband for a book and a snuggle so I can get a shower. That brings us to now. I am blogging and then going to read the other Days in the Lives and then it’s a glass of wine and some television with the husband before I pass out.

So there you have it. A fairly typical day in my life. Looking at it, it’s kind of boring and overly detailed, but that’s it. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. Not boring at all! Thanks for sharing. It’s cool to hear what life with kids in the city is like. I lived in DC and Chicago pre-kids but can’t imagine it now. Sounds fun in so many ways. I did the glass of wine and show with my husband too but before my blog reading time 😉 have a lovely evening…

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