Cool Things That Happened Today



Today was a pretty good day. After dropping Brady off at school, Declan and I went to a friend’s place and basically just hung out all morning. It was very laid back. The kids played and my friend and I got to chat a lot. 

After his long nap strike, Declan again napped today, so yay for that.

The husband came home a little early so that I could take Brady to his dentist appointment without the whirling dervish along. As we were walking down to the dentist’s office we passed a store that had a Halloween display outside. I pointed out the creepy mummy skeletons rising out of a bunch of potted mum to Brady.

“Look Mommy, rip rocks,” he said pointing to the decorations.

“Rip rocks?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, “those rocks that say ‘rip’ on them.”

I started laughing. “Oooohhh. You mean gravestones. RIP means Rest In Peace.” I told him. “That is just awesome.” We high fived and I gave him a kiss. I realized later that we didn’t actually cover what gravestones are but let’s leave that for another day. I grew up down the street from a cemetery so tombstones were just part of the neighborhood. I don’t think Brady’s ever seen a cemetery. City kids.

We got to the dentist and they called Brady back quickly. His hygienist was very nice and good with him, balancing treating him a like a big kid and realizing it was difficult. She was saying something to Brady and said, “…and your mom…” and then turned to me. “You’re the mom, right? I thought you were the babysitter.” I told her I am the mom and she tells me that I just look so young she thought I had to be the babysitter and apologized. She also said that when she looked at Brady we looked so much alike she figured out I had to be the mom. Those are both compliments to me so I told her she made my day and not to worry about it. On the elevator up I had caught my reflection and thought how old I was looking so it was very well-timed. Who over the age of 23 doesn’t like being told they look young?

So those were the cool things that happened on my Friday. Just thought I’d share.

Image is from good old Martha. Click it to go to her “rip rock” decoration directions.

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