Project Optimism: A Visit From My Mom

I’m kind of exhausted after a whirlwind weekend of birthday parties, so this will be brief, but this Monday my happiness is a wonderful visit from my mom. We had such a nice time. The boys were so happy to spend time with her. I got some nice time with her too. While we were busy, we still were never rushed and got a lot of downtime at home. Since she was here and the boys tired her out, the husband and I went out every night, although one date was just to the bookstore.

We had Brady’s actual birthday on Friday and I made a Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake that turned out pretty well.



Saturday we had his friend party at his martial arts studio and everyone had a blast.


Sunday we had my in-laws over for yet another little party.

Finally today Brady was off of school and we just hung out with my mom all morning. Then she and Brady got some alone time and went out to lunch. She had to leave today and we were all sad, but it’s always easier when the next trip is already planned. We’ll be down to see her for Christmas and it doesn’t seem that far away.

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