Project Optimism: Quality Time

This past weekend was a particularly good one. I got to spend quality time with a lot of good people. On Friday some of the moms from my building got together at a friend’s apartment. She’s an art therapist and suggested we do some crafty things together so we all went over to her place after the kids were in bed. There was plenty of wine, an array of art supplies and creative outlet, amazing and funny and real conversation, and generally just a really great time had by all.

After such a good start, I worried that the weekend would go downhill. The next day was the husband’s birthday. The kids and I successfully managed to bring him coffee and breakfast (both from Starbucks) in bed. It was one of those moments you dream about when thinking about starting a family. Both boys burst into the room (after letting him sleep in of course) and Brady started singing Happy Birthday while Declan shouted, “Daddy, we made you cards! It’s your birfday!” before they tumbled into bed with him for a snuggle. 

We followed that up with lunch at the in-laws’ where we left the kids for the night so we could go out for delicious oysters and steak and maybe a few too many drinks. The next morning we got to go to yoga together before the boys returned. We had a super chill  family day together and I made matzo ball soup, my new favorite recipe. I love making something that fills the house with good smells and that my family devours when we sit down.

It was back to work and school today, but it’s a short week so YAY! This weekend was certainly a good start to the holidays and a wonderful reminder of all the things I have to be thankful for. 


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