Blog of the Year 2013!!


The amazing Kerry over at Kerry’s Winding Road was nice enough to nominate me for a Blog of the Year 2013 award. The award was created at The Thought Palette and you can read all the details over there. Basically, if you are nominated you can then nominate your favorite blogs of the year. Blogs can be nominated more than once and get a star for each nomination – a great way to spread the blog love. Thank you, thank you Kerry for the nomination. It’s made me ridiculously happy. Now to spread the joy. I’m going to go ahead and throw this back to Kerry so she can get another star. We’ve got the mom thing and our love of yoga in common and I love to read her thoughts on life as well as her creative writing. My second nominee is Mary over at Contrary Mom. She hasn’t been writing as much lately, but everything she does write seems to touch my heart. In addition to letting us in on life with 3 girls, she also writes some beautiful words on life in general. Jessica over at Like an Apple is doing her part to keep poetry alive in this world and I sincerely appreciate it. She brings us gorgeous pieces from other writers as well as her own lovely words and throws in a little about life as a single mom of two boys as well. Mom goes on gives us moms with younger kids a peek at what life is like once they’ve flown the nest. I love reading about her life, her kids’ adventures at college, her recipes, and her sleepless nights. Jhanis at Fascinations of a Vanilla Housewife shares her life in the Phillipines with her two little ones, her crazy work hours, and her third world kitchen. She’s also trying to help out her fellow citizens who have been devastated by the typhoon. Bronwyn at Journeys of the Fabulist is an Aussie living in Singapore with her husband and two kids. She shares her travels, her life as a mom, and some tips about squat toilets too. Uncomfortably Honest and Honestly Uncomfortable is seriously, well, honest about living and raising two little boys with anxiety and it means a lot to me. So many times she writes something that makes me think, “wow, I thought it was only me.” 

Ok, when I started this post I thought I wouldn’t be able to think of many blogs to nominate and now I must stop myself or I would go on forever. I’m so happy to be able to share some of my favorite blogs today, they have certainly made my year happier and more interesting.

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  1. Yay! Thanks for the extra star! It’s hard to only nominate a handful. A few of yours I was thinking “oh yeah! I love her blog too!!” But am gonna check out the ones you’ve nominated that I don’t know. Congrats again….I’m happy to have made you ridiculously happy 🙂

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