Project Optimism: Boogie Nights

I know I’ve written about the husband on Project Optimism before, but he does make me pretty happy so I suppose he deserves another round.

Exactly 16 years ago right now I was walking in the cold to the movie theater with a boy I had had a crush on since the beginning of the semester. For some reason I thought baggy jeans, worn Airwalk sneakers, and a green Adidas coat was proper first date attire. I blame the 90s. 

We saw Boogie Nights. After playing a game of pool at his fraternity house the conversation went like this. 

Me: So what are we seeing?

Him: I thought we could see Boogie Nights.

Me: Isn’t that, like, a porn?

Him (emphatically): No.

But apparently baggy jeans and sneakers and movies about porn is just the way we roll because here we are, 16 years later, living the dream. Even after getting big grown-up jobs, even after saying “I do” and getting that magical piece of paper, even after having two little boys, the magic is still there. Sometimes it’s a little hard to find. It might be hidden under sleepless nights and ridiculous arguments and housework and worries and homework but it’s always there. 

5 responses

  1. The nineties have a lot to answer for.

    So does Boogie Nights. I saw it on DVD with a friend and her mum, and at the end when we finally got to see what all the fuss was about my friend’s mum proceeded to express disappointment and tell us about all the men she’d “met” who could top that.

    But getting away from uncomfortable conversations about penises with people’s mothers, it’s makes me sigh all sort of gooey-like to hear you say the magic is still there, even despite the arguments and housework and lack of sleep.

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