Resolution Challenge Review


Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 has lots of great things in store. I decided to start my blogging year with a review of the resolutions I made last January right here. For the first 10 days of January in 2013 I made 10 resolutions for the year on my blog and called it the resolution challenge. It was the beginning of a lot of changes for me both on this blog and in my life. I have written more frequently, honestly, and earnestly than ever before and it has been wonderful in a myriad of ways. I was also inspired to make real, lasting changes in my life for the first time in quite awhile. So here I will run down those resolutions and how it’s gone for anyone who might be interested. 

Resolution #1: I resolve to sweat more. 

While 2013 brought me the sad news that I cannot run anymore, it also led me to a much deeper and committed yoga practice. I have been practicing for over six years now, but this year was a huge transformation for me. It has changed me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It has made me a better person overall and I think it’s something that will forever be a part of my life.

Resolution #2: I resolve to slow down.

This is something that will probably be a resolution each year until I die, but this year I made some serious progress. I think this is mostly due to yoga and partly due to my therapist and also somewhat attributable to just making a promise to myself to try.

Resolution #3: I resolve to spend more quality time with my husband. 

I think this has been a success! The husband and I have taken advantage of all of the time available to us. We made an effort to just have fun with each other until the effort was no longer necessary. It’s a good thing. 

Resolution #4: I resolve to yell less. 

You can read my full thoughts on yelling here. But overall, I do think that I yell much, much less than I once did. Again you can thank yoga and my therapist and add more quality time with my husband and you’ve got a recipe for a less angry and impatient mommy. Also, 5-6 seem to be much easier for both Brady and I than 3-4 were. Wow were those years rough. Still have them to look forward to with Declan. Yay.

Resolution #5: I resolve to write.

Ok, so I didn’t post anything on here. But I did write. I wrote more this year than I have in all the years since I graduated college. I completed not one, but three, polished stories and submitted two of them for publication. Of course I’ve already gotten one rejection letter and the other is forthcoming, but I did it. I did it and it felt great. I remembered a part of who I am that I thought I had lost forever and that is absolutely priceless.

Resolution #6: I resolve not to apologize for being me.

This one might not have gone so well. I still feel insufficient and subordinate compared to those around me at times. I’m working on it. Let’s just roll this one forward into 2014. 

Resolution #7: I resolve to let go.

Have I mentioned how great yoga is? I have? Well, again, this is an area that yoga has helped with immensely. I am learning. Anxiety will never really let me be free, but I have made strides. The fact that I can ever let go is kind of amazing. I’ve come a long way and I have more work to do.

Resolution #8: I resolve to spread the love.

I hope I’ve done well with this. I’ve connected with a lot of new bloggers, even as old ones disappear. Check out my Blog of the Year post to see my faves. 

Resolution #9: I resolve to waste less.

Ugh. This has not been the best. I still make a huge effort to be sure that less than half the waste that leaves my apartment goes down the trash chute. The composting hasn’t gone all that well. It’s only once a week and I because I have been cooking more, I have less room to store future compost material. I’ll try again. I swear I will. 

Resolution #10: I resolve not to stop.

I did not. This year has been so transformative for me in so many ways and I don’t think I even realized it until I sat down and looked back at these resolutions. Maybe that’s a good reason to make them. I’m going to continue to work on these and maybe come up with a few more. We’ll see. But this was certainly an exercise worth going through. 

How do you feel about resolutions? Has it worked out for you? 


6 responses

  1. Yes, we certainly are similar!! I wish we lived closer, it’d be awesome go to a yoga class and then a coffee after together 😉 Yoga is so fun to write about because it is so life-changing and amazing if you are open to it! My blog started mainly about kids and now it seems mainly about yoga. haha, I was telling my mom today that people are probably getting tired of reading the same theme and probably think “here she goes again, on and on about yoga and meditation” lol

  2. I honestly cannot remember my resolutions laat year, if I made one that is! What I like about resolutions is that even if you are not entirely succesful, you become more aware. Like the less yelling thing. I took that challenge several months ago and hve failed so many times but if I think about it, I have improved in keeping my temper in check.
    Congratulations, I think you did pretty well!

    • Fitting in yoga has been such a challenge. Mostly my husband knows it’s important to me and forces me to go. Like tonight, he badgered me into signing up for a class even though there’s a blizzard upon us 🙂

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