Rainbow Loom-atic

rainbow loom

If you’ve got kids over the age of 4, you’ve probably heard of, or most likely have, Rainbow Loom. It’s the thing used to make those rubber-band bracelets/necklaces/rings that you see kids wearing. Rainbow Loom was one of the top items on Brady’s Christmas list and Grandma fulfilled his wish. He has been busily making bracelets ever since. He makes them for himself and he gives them to everyone we know. From what I hear, this is the usual course of events when a Rainbow Loom comes into your home. The novelty eventually wears off and the loom is set aside to be used more infrequently.

I love that Brady is into making things that are quiet and help with fine motor skills. I also love that both girls and boys are obsessed with something used to make jewelry. But most of all, I love to make things on the loom. Yes, me. During the cold and snow we had last weekend we were stuck inside quite a bit so Brady and I decided to attempt some more difficult designs on the loom. We went to the website and found the instructional videos and chose a bracelet we felt was cool and doable.

The first one we tried went fairly well. Brady helped me to place the bands part of the time and I followed along with the bored-sounding woman with mauve gel nails as she instructed me on how to make a lovely Rainbow Ladder Bracelet. Hooray! Of course, I may have gotten a bit exasperated, pausing and restarting the video several times. It’s possible that I told my children to “please be quiet while I concentrate” just a few times. It may have ended up being just me on the loom.


Yesterday was ridiculously cold so we were stuck in after school. I suggested to Brady that we try another bracelet. He got out the iPad and this time we chose a “beginner” level bracelet. Beginner my butt! This one involved a chart of colors used and patterns of how to place and loop the bands. Brady was out after the first time I restarted the video. He told me several times to “maybe give up Mommy.” I found myself yelling at that woman with the damned mauve nails several times. How was I supposed to follow her if she was going so fast?!?! But after re-placing and re-looping maybe half a dozen times or so I had a Single Rhombus Bracelet in the colors of the New York Knicks. made that! Me! I conquered the patten and completed it!


Last night when the kids were in bed I had to stop myself from taking out the loom and trying a new design. I found myself fantasizing about tiny little gumbands. This morning when Brady was attempting a fishtail before school I jumped when he said he wouldn’t have enough time and that I could loop the bands for him.

I’m thinking that maybe I need a creative outlet! Do you have one?


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  1. I was introduced to the Rainbow Loom at our NYE sleepover at a friends’ house. It seems to be enchanting for both adults and children, though I was put off by being roped into trying the complicated “twisty wisty” (or some such thing) pattern right off the bat. When that was an utter failure we started over with simple fishtail patterns and had a ton of fun. Thanks for the post, it is so of this moment in time (apparently not only in Wisconsin but across the nation). :0)

    • Yes! They seem to have universal appeal 🙂 Those complex patterns can make a person crazy! We did a spiral last night and it went a little better than our first two “special” bracelets.

  2. Haha! We don’t have the loom but Santa brought my daughter a small barrell of bands and my niece showed us how to make them with our fingers and I totally got hooked! I stopped myself before finishing one because I knew I’d potentially waste the whole day on a long strand of entwined bands. It’s like knitting with rubber bands! I never mastered knitting though 😉

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