I Get By

Yep, with a little help from my friends. Two Saturdays ago I turned 35. The night before my friends took me out. We had a wonderful time, drinking wine and chatting for hours. We had so much fun, that I didn’t realize how late it was until I walked in my door to see the clock reading 12:28! What? I don’t stay out past midnight! 

Although the conversation and the drinks were great, my favorite part of the night was the card that my friends gave me. Each of them had written a little note inside about our friendship and I was touched to tears. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that other people love you, even if you love them to bits yourself. When I re-read the card the next day I was reminded of two blog posts I made early on in my blogging (and mothering) career. First this one from early October 2008. I felt so incredibly lonely in my early days as a stay-at-home mom. I was completely unmoored and had no one to cling to. The friends I had contact with had no children and my friends with children lived far and, well, had children they needed to attend to.

Then I met these two women in a sandbox at a playground when Brady mooched snacks from them, just a few weeks before his first birthday. I liked them and was lucky enough that they liked me back and realized that I needed to be stalked via email and text in order to believe that someone actually wanted to spend time with me. Then I wrote this post in early November that same year. At the time I was just really happy not to be home all day, every day by myself with Brady. It had less to do with nursing than I thought back then. I was searching for any reason to connect with people. It’s so odd to think about not knowing them because now, in many ways, our lives are intertwined. They are my comfort zone.

I didn’t know that these women would become such an incredibly important part of my life. They introduced me to other moms and somehow four of us have stuck together, through preschool and kindergarten, through a second round of babies, through bad times, good times, jobs and staying home, whining and rejoicing. We became the moms hanging out in the park as our kids played on the lawn, taking classes together, and so much more. 

Here we are, five years later, out drinking on my 35th birthday. Totally amazing. I really can’t explain what it means to me to have people in my life who support me and understand me and love me for me. My loneliness in those early months of Brady’s life is in such stark contrast to how I feel today. Sometimes I wonder how I could ever have survived it. I’m blessed, I’m lucky, however you want to put it. I am grateful to have these ladies in my life.


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