Beginning the Fight – An Update

When I posted this the other day, it was so hard to just begin that I didn’t think much past the writing of it. I expected a few comments and I got them. I did not expect for people in my life to step up and be so supportive. Apparently I am constantly underestimating people. 

When I wrote about not being an active participant in removing the stigma from mental illness, and from suicide in particular, it was really just a jolt to myself reminding me that this is important for me. When I said that I had never signed up for the Out of the Darkness walk, I was just trying to prompt myself to do so; to make myself accountable. I had honestly never even thought of asking anyone to walk with me until I typed out that sentence. So I was pretty floored when three of my friends stepped up and offered to do it, even looking up the next walk in our area. Of course, I’ve already acknowledged that these ladies are beyond awesome, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. Then people offered to walk in their areas in my dad’s name. How freaking amazing is that? I guess it is exactly what I set out to do when I wrote the post–to open up the subject and get some talking started. So, wow. Just…wow. Thank you to each person who read and commented and liked and made me feel like I was doing some little piece of what I want to do.

And because I think it’s important, here it is again.

And also AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). They do some really difficult work. You can find out about Out of the Darkness walks all over the country here.


4 responses

  1. You are blessed to have such support. I have members of my family who don’t believe my son died by suicide. ( I, too, have days I don’t but it is on the death certificate as cause of death and I would go insane trying to prove otherwise) so they would never accompany me on such a walk. It’s my friends who are my biggest support.

    • I thought I replied to this and it never showed up. So sorry. It’s so difficult. There are such complex emotions surrounding a suicide. I have family I still can’t find the courage to tell because of the comments they have made about suicide. Glad you have supportive friends!

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