Odds and Ends and Lots of Snow

With today’s massive snowstorm which warranted a hazardous travel advisory yet not even a school delay (for reals?). Wait, I have to pause here to report that it is THUNDERING, yep, mother nature is one effed up biotch lately. Ok, where was I? Right. Because of the snow and the schlepping of children to and from school in said snow, I nearly forgot to pimp my guest post on Winding Road tomorrow. I’m super excited! Kerry does a Freestyle Fridays series with a guest blogger every week. I wrote about yoga and anxiety and love…of yoga. You NEED to check it out. You need to check out Kerry’s blog anyway because it is awesomesauce. Can you tell I’m a bit punchy from all the snow, and the decongestants for my stupid cold…and all of the damn snow?

So we did pickup in this...

So we did drop-off in this…


And walked to pickup through this.

And walked to pickup through this.

I am planning to drive, wait for it, all by myself (!) to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my crazy adorable niece’s first birthday party. I haven’t been alone for a whole 7 hours in, like, over 6 years. I’m slightly psyched. So that snow had better not be planning to screw this up. Seriously.

One of my other fave bloggers, Mary at Contrary Mom, awarded me the Liebster Award the other day. I’ve actually gotten this one a few times now so I don’t do the whole thing anymore, but I do like to answer the questions when I can. Plus I think everyone should read Mary’s blog. So here you have it:

1)  Why do you blog? To stay sane. To say what I need to say. To maintain the illusion fact that I am a writer.

2) What is your best post? I have a few that I really like, but I think my favorite is my recent post on suicide. While the subject is a downer, I felt good about how I addressed it and got really good feedback.

3) What is your favorite book? I don’t have one. I love way too many books of too many varying genres to pick one favorite. I adore both Bret Easton Ellis and Jane Austen just to give you an idea.

4) Have you seen any good movies lately? The Lego Movie–everything is awesome!

5) What makes you laugh out loud? My 2-year-old being serious, my 6-year-old being silly, and New Girl

6) If it was your last week to live, how many selfies would you take in your “I’m dying” t-shirt? Like a billion.

7) What is your pet peeve? Easy, cutting in line, who do you think you is?

Ok, so wish me luck (and good weather) on my drive tomorrow, please read my guest post at Winding Road, and for goodness sakes NO MORE SNOW!


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