One of Those Days

No, not those days, THOSE days! Today was one of those days that made me feel like an awesome mom who enjoys time with her children and isn’t bogged down by everything. It’s mid-winter break (why do we have this again?) in these parts so Brady is off school all week. Since the husband was off Monday and my mother-in-law was here yesterday and will be tomorrow so I can finish up a project and Brady is going into the husband’s office on Friday, today is the only day of the break I had alone with the kids.

Anyway, I had plans to make today count, but then there was all this snow that caused me to miss a lot of working time and my trip to Pittsburgh for my niece’s birthday and I sort of forgot to make any specific plans. Last night I was searching the interwebs for ideas of what to do with these boys in this drippy weather. I finally just decided to take the bus over the American Museum of Natural History to JUST see the dinosaurs. Anything more than one area and I knew I would be done for. A specific, and brief, plan is needed for a visit to AMNH with two children.

Somehow we were out the door at exactly 9:45 with zero screaming (what?). Both boys were perfectly behaved. It was somehow not crowded at all. Brady was eager to read the plaque on each exhibit and share the information with his brother and I. We came across a little museum cafe just as the kids got hungry. We even got to spend some time in the Earth and Space Center. We took the bus back after lunch and Declan fell asleep as we walked back from the bus stop. It was perfection. I even managed to get Brady to martial arts this afternoon with no complaining. A minor miracle for sure.

Of course, I sat down to write this and they started fighting over the couch cushions, which ended with both of them screaming and crying. Can’t win em all. I’ll hold onto this.


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  1. We all need these days to remind ourselves why we had kids in the first place. But, be warned: sometimes these kind of days end with a “Maybe we should have another baby…” 😉

    • It’s a great museum, but it can be a little overwhelming. We usually choose dinosaurs or the whale and also do space since that’s the entrance we go into to. If you haven’t seen the whale, you have to see it next time.

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