Words In Action

I just typed these words

“According to the frustration-aggression hypothesis, aggression may occur in response to frustration.”

for the project I am desperately trying to finish up today.

As I typed them, my 2-year-old came and banged on the bedroom door screaming “MOMMMMMYYYYY” for the third time in the last ten minutes. Hmmm, does this need to remain a hypothesis? I do believe this is a proven fact. Try attempting to write about psychology as your children bang on the door incessantly and see how that turns out. And people wonder why moms yell. There you have it folks, the frustration-aggression hypothesis. You can thank a bunch of psychologists from 1939 for that little gem.

**Disclaimer – My mother-in-law is here and technically in charge of the children at the moment. I am not letting them fend for themselves, locked out of the bedroom, as I listen to them bang on the door. Oh, some days working from home is just SO much fun.


2 responses

  1. It doesn’t matter whose in charge and how awesome they are, they will bang on the door anyway. The frustration aggression thing was a pretty cushy job for someone who was too lazy to discover something everyone already knew and/or was the child of a work at home mum processing some leftover childhood feelings.

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