The Missing Book

There is library book missing somewhere in our apartment. It is due tomorrow. I’m thinking we’re going to have to buy the library a new one. We never even read it. How can a book get lost in such a small apartment you ask? Well, we have a lot of books. A TON of books. And our cleaning lady was here rearranging them all by size; something I generally appreciate. In order to root out the fugitive I decided to reorganize a few of our shelves today. Which resulted in this:

IMG_4679And this:

IMG_4683And me saying things like, “Stop swirling around in all the books.”

But in the end I have a shelf just for Brady, separated into fiction and non-fiction, with books appropriate to read for homework in the front. I have a shelf of “good” story books and a shelf of fun books (superheroes, power rangers, star wars, etc). I also got a big bag of old magazines and used workbooks for the recycling.

IMG_4688Although I still have all of these shelves to go.



I did swap around a little, but there is work to be done. So, yeah, we have a lot of children’s books. But I still can’t stop buying them. If there’s one thing I have a weakness for, it’s books. Oh, but that one book is still missing. I suppose there’s more organizing to be done this afternoon…





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