The Perfect 2-Year-Old Nightmare

Two nights ago, five am, Declan is screaming for me from his bed. “Moooooommmmy! Moooommmmy I neeeed you!”

I run to his bed and smooth back his hair as he cries. “What’s wrong, Baby?” I ask.

“That baby, that little baby,” he manages to say.

“What baby?” What was the baby doing?”

“That little baby taked my glow stick…and she’s walking away!”

Yes, he had a nightmare that a baby stole his glow stick and walked away. I assured him it was a dream and he settled back to sleep, but the nightmare was vivid enough that he remembered and retold it to Daddy the next morning.

Boy loves his glow sticks.



11 responses

    • Sometimes the things the kids say in the middle of night do scare me! But I knew what he must have been dreaming about. We had a run-in with a baby toy thief earlier that day.

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