A Mother’s Curse


It’s nothing as sentimental as seeing your child hurt by a friend’s angry words. It’s not the constant whining or the begging for other people to clean up after themselves or get dressed on time. It’s not schlepping people to and from activities that they often complain about going to. No, it’s not doing laundry or picking up toys. It’s not even cooking. The cooking I can handle.

It’s figuring out what the eff to make for dinner every night. It’s thinking up some meal that is nutritious, that everyone in the family will eat, and that fits into our schedule. It’s varying the menu enough that people will eat a dish when it’s made again. It’s thinking up enough meals at a time that I don’t have to go to the frigging Fairway every single day of my life to pick up some item that’s needed for dinner. It’s looking at all of the lovely ideas on Pinterest and realizing that they ALL have dairy in them and one person in our family automatically can’t eat them. It’s scouring the internet for “family friendly dinner ideas,” “quick and easy meals,” and “crock pot recipes.” It’s wondering if people actually have children who will eat southwest taco pie or artichoke and goat cheese flatbread pizza. 

My kids eat a wide variety of foods, as does my husband. They like plenty of veggies and lean meats. They aren’t very fond of sauces or anything casserole-ish. There are actually quite a few meals in my repertoire. The hard part is finding the dish that they will all eat on that particular night and figuring that out ahead of time so that I can purchase the ingredients and then making it in the time I have in which to make it. In short, it is my personal Hell. I’m not asking for dinner ideas, although dairy-free, not too mixed up with sauce ideas are welcome. I’m not looking for tips on family nutrition, we’re doing just fine and have found a diet that suits us. I’m just wondering if I’m the only mom out there who HATES figuring out the meals. If I could pay someone to do just one part of my job as a mother, this would be the one. I would gladly pay to have someone just tell me what to cook. No, not just tell me what to cook, but tell me what to cook that will make these people happy. Oh what I would pay for that.


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    • You make really interesting things though! Mine complain if the same thing comes up too often for dinner, but they will both eat the same lunch, every day, for months on end. Makes lunch easy.

  1. Yes, I totally feel your pain. I do a weekly menu to avoid mid-week grocery shopping (supposedly) by planning everything. Many of my menu planning sessions are actually just me staring at the blank page coming up with absolutely nothing. Week after week after week. Bleh! -Amy

  2. I DESPISE planning our weekly menu. Not because Rachel & I have celiac disease – no, we have learned to deal with that. I just hate the whole thinking up a series of meals that my family will eat (I have given up on the “not complain about”). We usually do our grocery shopping on Saturday and my moment of dread for the week is when my husband approaches me to say, “Hey, we need to make a grocery list….” and I run from the room in fright. LOL.

  3. Oh mama, I hear you! I hate it too! I don’t love cooking either which makes it worse. I used to comb through my cookbooks each week but that began to feel too much like a research project. Then I subscribed to The Fresh 20 which was awesome…until it wasn’t awesome anymore. Then I figured out Pinterest and that is my current go-to for meal planning and then to my book of tried and true recipes to fill in the gaps. Not all meals are a win but it is better than spaghetti or stir fry every other night. In a nutshell, it is the bane of my existence. (okay, that may be a bit of exaggeration. ha!)

  4. Oh dear. I have no allergies to deal with, so that’s nice for me. My eaters are either not that picky and/or I don’t seem to care as much if they don’t eat (honestly, I think it’s a bit of both – I’ve seen other people’s definition of “picky” and it’s what I tend to refer to as “just not that hungry”).

    Thank goodness for food bloggers, I suppose!

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