Form Poem #1: Rondelet

I promised a poem, and I nearly had it done, and then I got a stomach virus and laid in bed for 2 days. So, I finished it tonight and I am going to post it, despite my hesitations. I find that no matter what I write, when it comes to poetry I can always find a way to make it sound ridiculous when I read it back to myself. I’m posting it anyway.

This is a rondelet, which is a seven line poem with a rhyme scheme, a prescribed meter, and a refrain. The rhyme is AbAabbA. The refrain is repeated in lines 1, 3, and 7. The refrain is 4 syllables long and the other lines are all 8 syllables. Got it? Ok.

I took the title from my original poem and changed everything else.

Bad Night

Sleep won’t find me.
Stillness drifts from the other room.
Sleep won’t find me.
This shifting and stretching body
Failing to help me to assume
That simple state. Dreams cannot bloom.
Sleep won’t find me.


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