In the Blink of an Eye

I know it’s such an old cliche, but it is honestly so true. It seems as if, before you know it, children are grown before your very eyes. Yes, in some ways the past nearly 6 and a half years have been long, but in others it seems as if Brady was just my little baby. I think that I will forever see him as my chubby, little toddler playing with Thomas trains and digging in the sandbox. On Sunday we went to buy him a new bike. He had far outgrown his original one and we’re banking on the fact that Spring will one day come and he will be able to ride again. 

He picked out the one he wanted and the mechanics fixed the seat and filled the tires and polished the rims as he watched. When they handed it to him, I asked him to pose with it for a picture to send his grandparents. The boy I saw in front of me was just so…BIG! Instead of my baby, there was this child, so sure of himself and in control. (Part of it was that he was wearing jeans. He refuses them and rarely wears them and somehow it always makes him seem like more of kid.)


Where did this child come from? 

For the most part, as a parent, I really enjoy watching my children grow. I think I tend to celebrate their milestones more than mourn the loss of their younger selves. But sometimes, it tugs my heart with a mixture of pride, love, sadness and wonder to see just how far they’ve come. 

How did he go from this?


To this?


That night I crawled into bed with Brady after he was asleep and curled up beside him. I stroked his cheek and looked at his sleeping profile and could see so clearly the baby that he once was, and to me, always will be. I wondered how much longer I will even be able to check on him at night without waking him or finding him still awake, reading in bed, and I decided to just lay there a moment longer while I still have the time.



4 responses

  1. I so relate to this. Sometimes I just get overwhelming wave of fear and sadness, realizing how fleeting the childhood period really is. It is good in a way though because it reminds to stop for those cuddle times and moments of wonder and just, wow, enjoying the startling beauty of your child growing up and becoming this beautiful human being with his own way in the world.

    Thanks for such a nice post. Will be hugging my boys extra today. 🙂

  2. Awh, This was so heart warming to read. Kids sure do grow up so soon, Don’t they. It just seems like yesterday when my nephew was born, so small ! Now he is almost 8months old, I mean like whaaat? How did that happen?

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