Juicing the Words

Have you ever met a poem
So divine,
That upon reading the words you knew
Sight would never be enough?

Have you ever wanted to squeeze
A poem,
Like an orange?
Let the juice slip down your throat,
Run down your arms,
Drying to a sticky mess;
Smelling, feeling, tasting
Every word?

Has a poem ever pierced
Your skin,
Slipping under and winding itself
Into the fibers of your muscles,
The marrow of your bones,
Running through your vessels like blood?

If a poem has never shocked you,
Stung you,
Hurt you,
Attached itself to your soul.
If you have never juiced the words,

I pity you.

6 responses

      • I don’t even know that I have your name right? Why do I think it’s Danielle? I just realized reading your blog that I don’t know why I thought that. Sorry if I flubbed it. But in any case I am so glad to have the virtual connection with you.


        • Danielle is right! I’ve changed my display name to Danielle I don’t know how many times and it always goes back to stormdan. Same to you!

        • oh good! must have seen it somewhere
          i am one of those people who often messes up names so i had this moment of, oh no, there i go again 🙂

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