A Report on Our Daddy-less Days

Mother’s Log – 4th of June 2014

It is day 3 of Daddy’s work trip and rules have almost ceased to exist. I purchased unneeded toys in exchange for the promise of good behavior. The children ate grilled cheese and had juice boxes for dinner. Before that dinner, we ate donuts. There are currently two televisions on in our apartment, both tuned to children’s programs. There has been liberal iPad usage. The bottle of wine that was full when Daddy left is now two-thirds empty. On second thought, wine consumption has been low considering the circumstances.

On the positive side, mornings have been surprisingly smooth with no arguments and we’ve arrived early to school every morning. Despite missing Daddy, both children seem to be thriving, aside from little food intake by the smaller one. Both have enjoyed numerous activities in the past 3 days and are sleeping well as a result.

Still, all parties are eagerly awaiting the return of Daddy at approximately 3pm tomorrow. School in-service day tomorrow could prove to be beneficial or disastrous depending on the behavior of the children and my remaining patience. A plan has been put in place to care nothing about television viewing until both parents are again in the home. Positive thoughts for our continued well-being are welcomed.

*Disclaimer – I fully understand that many parents operate on their own every single day. It cannot be easy and yet I know that numerous people around the world do it and do it well all the time. I’m not on my own with the kids often so this week has been a deviation from the normal routine and, well, we love Daddy so it’s hard to be away from him. Plus, I thought maybe my melodrama was kind of funny.


3 responses

  1. Love your writing…and I well remember those days when Daddy had to travel and Mommy was home with all the kids. Rules do go out the window – it’s all about survival -plus making it fun for everyone —like a vacation from real life! The kids see it as an adventure – breakfast for dinner, doing things out of order and out of the ordinary. It helps keep peace and everyone is tired and the end of the day. Perfect ❤

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