To All Of You

While my feelings on Mother’s Day are many and varied, as are those of the multitudes who have written about it on the internet, I just wouldn’t feel right letting the day go by without posting a huge thank you to all the moms out there. 

I just want to let all the mothers in my life, all the moms who read this blog, all the moms out there working hard that appreciate what you do and most likely so do your children and husbands and partners and whoever, even if they don’t show it. I want to let you know that even if this day is overly commercial and far from the sentiment that it set out for in the beginning, it is totally ok to want a little recognition sometimes. Please don’t feel guilty for expecting a thank you or an hour or two to yourself to do something that you want to do or even a bouquet of flowers. This job is hard and you totally deserve it. 

So there! I said it! I hope you all had a wonderful day with (or without) your families. If not, when the kids are in bed, sit down, have a treat or a glass of wine or watch some heinous reality tv or read a book, smile, take a breath, and know that what you do is important and amazing and awesome and I think you’re special. 


Hug Them Tighter

Today seems to be one of those “hug your kids a little tighter” days. This horrible, horrible story is stuck on my mind and the minds of all of my friends today, making us both appreciate that our kids are here with us and healthy, but also worry about each second they are out of our sight.

My heart breaks for this mother, both because she has lost two precious babies, and because she had to be the one to discover them. I’m not even sure why I chose to write about it. There is nothing I can do to change it. There is no real cautionary tale. I sort of want to say something about all of the media pointing out the job of the father, their luxury building, the fact that they live on the Upper West Side. Who cares? Does that matter at all. Should they suffer more adversity because they seem to have more money? But honestly, that isn’t really the point either.

I guess I just wanted to remind myself and everyone else to cherish their time with their little ones as much as possible. When the whining seems endless, when you have washed hands that have been playing in the toilet, when your frustration with homework has reached a peak, when you feel like you can’t cook one more meal or wash one more dish or pick up one more toy, when they just won’t go to sleep, use this to bring you back to that place of appreciation and love, at least for today.