Project Optimism: Fall in New York

The leaves are just about perfection right now in NYC and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them today. It was oddly warm and very sunny so we spent a lot of time outside and everywhere I looked it was colorful, autumnal glory – so I’m sharing with you.


Project Optimism: Fall Festival

This Saturday was the Fall Festival for Brady’s school. It’s the biggest school event of the year. They close down the block and have bouncy houses and climbing walls, bake sale and grill, crafts and games. In short, it is a blast! I couldn’t include photos of all the fun because lots of other people’s kids were involved, but here’s a glimpse.

Project Optimism: Fall Farm Fun

Like the alliteration?

Sitting here on this gray and windy day with the construction droning on outside my window, it’s hard to believe that just this Saturday we were enjoying the fall leaves, picking pumpkins, petting goats, and playing outside. Now, fall in the city is pretty amazing. I do enjoy being here this time of year, but it also makes me yearn to leave the concrete behind and experience all that autumn has to offer. The husband’s aunt is living in a house on the property of a large farm in Western Massachusetts so we headed up there this weekend to get back to nature a bit. Even though the sun was hiding most of the time, we really enjoyed it.

Pumpkin Perspective

One of my most cherished childhood memories is of going to the pumpkin patch with my family; my father driving, the radio tuned to Myron Cope giving the Steelers game, the air crisp, and the sky bright blue. All I remember is picking out a pumpkin from the huge field, sitting on a hay bale with my sister as we were pulled around the farm by a tractor, drinking cider, and being so, so content and happy.

Of course this is a memory that I wanted to recreate with my own family. So we headed to the pumpkin patch yesterday. The air was a bit warmer than expected, but the sky was sunny and blue. Then there was traffic, lots of traffic, and whining and crying from the backseat to go with it. Then there was herding people to the hay ride, worrying that we’d run out of cash for pumpkins and candy apples and cider and donuts and pony rides, dealing with more whining over candy apples and cider and pony rides, and chasing a toddler through a field of pumpkins.

At the end of the day as we drove home, with the sky still blue and the sun slanting through the trees, I was just exhausted and wishing for sleep and there was still dinner to make and baths to give. I took tons of photos to remind me of the gorgeous day and how delighted my kids were by all of the fall fun. I’m hoping they only remember the sound of football games on the radio, picking pumpkins from the field, hay rides, and being happy with their family. And hopefully, one day when we can’t go to the pumpkin patch as a family any more, so will I.

Lazy Sunday

Today we were supposed to go to the pumpkin patch but it was delayed by chilly, damp weather. Normally, I hate rain and would have been disappointed to have to cancel. But today it was perfect.
We watched some tv. Brady and I went to the pool. Everyone aside from me took a nap. Even Brady, who I don’t think has fallen asleep during the day for months.

I got to have some fun in the kitchen. Butternut squash risotto and foil packet tilapia.

With all the right ingredients and accessories.

And my usual cutie-pie helper.

All in all a perfect lazy Sunday. There was some football in there too of course. It almost makes me want to cancel the pumpkin patch next weekend too. Almost…