Cool Things That Happened Today



Today was a pretty good day. After dropping Brady off at school, Declan and I went to a friend’s place and basically just hung out all morning. It was very laid back. The kids played and my friend and I got to chat a lot. 

After his long nap strike, Declan again napped today, so yay for that.

The husband came home a little early so that I could take Brady to his dentist appointment without the whirling dervish along. As we were walking down to the dentist’s office we passed a store that had a Halloween display outside. I pointed out the creepy mummy skeletons rising out of a bunch of potted mum to Brady.

“Look Mommy, rip rocks,” he said pointing to the decorations.

“Rip rocks?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he replied, “those rocks that say ‘rip’ on them.”

I started laughing. “Oooohhh. You mean gravestones. RIP means Rest In Peace.” I told him. “That is just awesome.” We high fived and I gave him a kiss. I realized later that we didn’t actually cover what gravestones are but let’s leave that for another day. I grew up down the street from a cemetery so tombstones were just part of the neighborhood. I don’t think Brady’s ever seen a cemetery. City kids.

We got to the dentist and they called Brady back quickly. His hygienist was very nice and good with him, balancing treating him a like a big kid and realizing it was difficult. She was saying something to Brady and said, “…and your mom…” and then turned to me. “You’re the mom, right? I thought you were the babysitter.” I told her I am the mom and she tells me that I just look so young she thought I had to be the babysitter and apologized. She also said that when she looked at Brady we looked so much alike she figured out I had to be the mom. Those are both compliments to me so I told her she made my day and not to worry about it. On the elevator up I had caught my reflection and thought how old I was looking so it was very well-timed. Who over the age of 23 doesn’t like being told they look young?

So those were the cool things that happened on my Friday. Just thought I’d share.

Image is from good old Martha. Click it to go to her “rip rock” decoration directions.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope you all had a great one.

We had a fun party at our martial arts studio, went around our neighborhood a bit and met up with friends, then trick or treated in our building. A pretty great Halloween if you ask me.


Pumpkin Perspective

One of my most cherished childhood memories is of going to the pumpkin patch with my family; my father driving, the radio tuned to Myron Cope giving the Steelers game, the air crisp, and the sky bright blue. All I remember is picking out a pumpkin from the huge field, sitting on a hay bale with my sister as we were pulled around the farm by a tractor, drinking cider, and being so, so content and happy.

Of course this is a memory that I wanted to recreate with my own family. So we headed to the pumpkin patch yesterday. The air was a bit warmer than expected, but the sky was sunny and blue. Then there was traffic, lots of traffic, and whining and crying from the backseat to go with it. Then there was herding people to the hay ride, worrying that we’d run out of cash for pumpkins and candy apples and cider and donuts and pony rides, dealing with more whining over candy apples and cider and pony rides, and chasing a toddler through a field of pumpkins.

At the end of the day as we drove home, with the sky still blue and the sun slanting through the trees, I was just exhausted and wishing for sleep and there was still dinner to make and baths to give. I took tons of photos to remind me of the gorgeous day and how delighted my kids were by all of the fall fun. I’m hoping they only remember the sound of football games on the radio, picking pumpkins from the field, hay rides, and being happy with their family. And hopefully, one day when we can’t go to the pumpkin patch as a family any more, so will I.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween everybody! Our family has been busy, busy with Halloween festivities the past few days. Brady has certainly gotten a lot of wear out of his blue crayon costume.

We started with the preschool Halloween party on Friday which was a blast. Yesterday we went to the Halloween walk in my in-laws’ neighborhood and were joined by our wonderful friends who moved out of the city last year. It was so great to see them and the kids had so much fun together. This morning our next door neighbors had a birthday party for their little boy with a Halloween theme. And, finally, we’ll be going trick-or-treating with one of Brady’s best friends in our neighborhood in a little bit.

What a jam-packed Halloween!! Tons of fun!! Hope everyone else is having a good one too.

Happy Halloween!

That’s One Sexy…Elmo?

What is THIS?!?

I happen to be a big fan of the “sexy” costume trend. It seems like over the years there have been more and more “sexy” costumes marketed to women: sexy kitty cat, sexy pirate, sexy airline pilot, sexy little bo peep, whatever. I love having an excuse to dress like a slut-bag once a year with no repercussions. You mean I can dress up like a witch with my ass hanging out of my skirt, stripper heels, and knee-high socks and everyone will think this is ok? Sign me up. (And there are always knee-high socks. Somehow knee-high socks or striped tights seem to be a key part of the sexy costume.) Plus those costumes are cute! It’s like exactly what I wanted to be when I was 6, only more whorish.

But sexy Sesame Street?!?! You have got to be kidding me! For one thing, there is no way in HELL that Elmo could ever be sexy. Cookie Monster, maybe, but Elmo, never! Can you imagine that voice, “Can you guess what Elmo’s thinking about today?” Ugh!

And are these girls supposed to be dressed up as these characters or have they killed and skinned them to make the dresses, using their shrunken heads as hair bows?

It’s not as if I think it’ll be damaging to children or anything. I’m not appalled by this as a parent, it’s just, well, creepy. But I guess that’s what Halloween’s all about.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween in New York is something just entirely different than anywhere else I’ve gone. First of all, kids trick-or-treat at stores which is just bizarre to me, but the only way to do it if you think about it. Some buildings with a lot of children will organize a trick-or-treat and some people will sit on their stoops to give out candy but, for the most part, kids go to stores and delis and bodegas for their candy.

Then there’s the adult Halloween. We have the Village Halloween Parade. Which is, well, just awesome! I’ve gone 3 times and loved it every time. The costumes are out of this world, the floats are amazing, the music is cool. Anyone who can should really go at some point. I always see kids there although some of the costumes are R-rated. I’ve seen some boobies and some buttcheeks, that’s for sure!

The Brady Lion

I have unfortunately become old (really, can 29 be old?) and I haven’t dressed up for 2 straight years. It’s sad. And really this year should be my year. My boobs are still big  and my waist is still tiny from breastfeeding. If I could ever wear a slutty witch/devil/fairytale-princess/ragdoll/etc costume, this would be the time. But this year, instead, I have my little lion to show off and a whole new way to experience Halloween! We went to the Halloween walk last weekend at my in-laws and he had a great time. Tonight we’re going to take him around to all our regular places in our neighborhood in his costume.

I know Brady doesn’t really care yet, but I do!!Plus I hope I’ll get some candy;)