Some Wise Words from the Huff


ImageI wouldn’t call myself a fan of Ariana Huffington. While I’ll admit I don’t really know all that much about her and that, on the surface, I really should like her, she sort of rubs me the wrong way a lot of the time. I think maybe it’s because of all the mean comments people make on HuffPo. But she had an opinion piece on the last page of yesterday’s Businessweek that I just had to share.

She said exactly what I’ve been thinking since the media blitz over Marissa Mayer’s edict that Yahoo employees no longer work from home. She said exactly what I’ve been feeling since the economic downturn and what I see as employers taking all they can get by using the fear of joblessness to make one employee do the job of many. 

Enough of my words, check out hers.

And I believe this is true for all of us, not just those with high-powered jobs or even with paid-work jobs at all. Everyone can burn out when they’re trying to do too much, whether that be balancing an executive position with soccer practice or balancing potty training with a field trip and getting dinner on the table by 6, I think everyone needs to take a step back and unplug sometimes. 

When do you feel like burning out? How do you “unplug”?