Project Optimism: It’s Worth It

I was writing to my sister this morning in an attempt to cheer her up and remind her that the misery of late pregnancy will eventually be replaced by the joy of holding your child in your arms. I sent her an email with photos of me holding my babies after they were born to help her keep her eye on the prize and soldier on through this last little bit.

I clearly remember that awful feeling toward the end, when you have no idea when your life is going to change completely. It’s so scary to think that your current life is going to end and then so exciting to think of beginning this new one. You want so badly to just see and touch this person who has been living inside of you for months. You need to know what this next phase of life will be like and you have zero control over when that might happen. It’s maddening. 

So I sent my sister this email with photos of my brand-new babies and my eyes welled up with tears thinking about how I felt when they came into the world. 


Brand-new Brady










Brand-new Declan












I know it seems so sappy, but it really is amazing to welcome a new person into the world. Newborn days are not all love and sunshine, I can certainly attest to that. But that too, is worth it. I look at my two sweet, amazing, energetic little boys and despite feeling bogged down with parenthood a lot of the time, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They make life better. Just thinking about them makes me happy and watching them become a real part of the world is unparalleled. Despite the times when I think I just can’t make it another minute, times like this weekend when there were early morning drives and hours-long bar mitzvahs to attend, followed by screaming-baby nights, ear infections and trips to the flu-filled urgent care, I still feel that the joyful parts outweigh the crappy parts.

So that’s my optimism for this Monday. It’s all worth it to see these two guys each day, for the hugs and the kisses and the learning new words and the learning to read and the snuggles in bed at night. It’s worth it. 


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