On My Youngest Son’s First Day of Preschool

It is 10:45 on a Friday morning and I’m in the kitchen cutting a peach into slices. Tears slip down my cheeks and I take a deep breath. A few minutes earlier I heard a play conversation from the other room where my newly 3-year-old is playing with Lego guys.

“I really love you. I do!”

“Thanks! You’re the best!”

“You’re the best too!”

This mimics an exchange that we have countless times each day and I can’t help but feel smiley and gooey as he plays it out in his Lego family, which is comprised of several ninja. As I head to the kitchen I hear him make one of his guys ask “What are we doing today?” To which another replies, “We’re going to school!” followed by an excited gasp.

And so, as I cut the peach’s white and rosey flesh into an orange plastic bowl, tears well up in my eyes and brim over. They are tears of sadness and happiness; of confusion and uncertainty; of excitement and regret. In an hour and a half I will take my very last baby to his first day of preschool. He will stay for one hour and fifteen minutes, if he even lets me leave the room. It is barely a dent in our day, but it is an enormous event. While he will always, always be my baby, he is NOT a baby any longer. He has a place to go where I don’t belong. I am torn between anticipation for this next part of life and mourning for the life that will no longer exist.

Today I take my son to his first day of school and a bridge will be crossed that we can never go back over. Today we embark on an adventure that will have us each taking solo steps. It will be hard and it will be fun and it will change us. I worry that he is not ready, but more than that, as I tear up again, I’m trying to tell myself that I’m ready.


Yo Gabba Gabba


On Saturday we took Brady to Yo Gabba Gabba Live at Radio City Music Hall and overall it was a blast! Yo Gabba Gabba is a show on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr, featuring made-up creatures who live in Gabba Land with DJ Lance Rock. It’s hard to explain.

The husband and I are big fans of the show, and so is Brady. It’s  a lot like the shows we watched as kids (Sesame Street, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact). There are costumed characters who have adventures, as well as animated musical clips and stories, and real kids dancing. Plus random celebrities come on to teach us Dancey Dances and real bands play on the Super Music Friends Show.

They do a live show that tours the country and when I found out it was coming I bought tickets immediately. We kept it a secret from Brady until 2 nights before. He really didn’t get it until we were there. When Dj Lance, Muno, Foofa, Plex, Brobee, and Toodee took the stage he went nuts. They sang all his favorite songs and he sang and danced along.

It was a bit long though. The tv show runs about 22-23 min and the live show was an hour plus an additional 20 min for intermission. An intermission in a show for preschoolers is a little cruel. Most of the under-4 set were about done after the break. And they saved the dancey dance (with Moby) and Biz’s Beats for afterward. I know they want to give us our money’s worth, but they could have cut like 4 of the songs and the intermission and everything would have been awesome.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, Brady was coming down with double ear infections and consequently double pink eye. We’re just happy we made it to the show and he was able to enjoy it first. More about all the fun with that later.

The show

Happy Brady dancing in the aisle!

Showing off his DJ Lance glasses.


Today was my baby’s first day of preschool! Well…sort of. Today the parents went in with the kids to meet the teachers and get used to the place. Brady doesn’t do so well with that kind of set up, so he was acting out a bit, but overall he was pretty good. He’s better with a drop-off and mommy and daddy are out the door scenario. Tomorrow, he’ll be staying for an hour by himself.

I can’t believe that my little boy is big enough to go to preschool. Of course, it’s only 2 hours, 2 days a week, but it feels like school to me. I would have liked to have him go 3 days a week for 3 hours, but there really aren’t any options like that around here so we went with this “alternative” preschool. I really like the head teacher and the classroom is bright and happy. Brady goes Wednesdays and Fridays and those days are art and music so I think he’ll really like it.

Time is just flying by!

Ready for school!