Buried Under Winter


As the snow tumbles down for what feels like the millionth time in the last three months, I find myself resigned to it’s inevitability. It’s the part of the winter where the cold, gray, and ice have completely taken over everything and it feels like the sun will never show itself again. The dreary days seem to stretch on as far back as I can remember and as far forward as I can see. It is the part of winter where I realize I’ve been buried up to my eyeballs and didn’t even see it happening.

Here in New York, the fluffy white flakes settle down and cover everything in a sheen of pretty for about 10 hours before they begin to morph into something sinister. First the piles at the sides of the streets and sidewalks fill with cigarette butts and dog shit. Then they begin to gray and then to blacken. A week after the storm, what remains are iced-over mountains of detritus and soot; hulking black humps punctuated by discarded rubber gloves, soda cans, flyers for discount suits and threading salons, and lost mittens of all shapes and sizes. How does the filth pile up so quickly?


The drudgery of pulling on boots and zipping up jackets, of slogging through slush and shivering against the wind, have become second nature. We don’t even notice it anymore. No one stops to chat at school dropoff. There are no shared walks to here or there. The parks are filled with ice and puddles and not fit for squealing, running groups of children who’ve been sitting at school all day. Every trip is a hurry in from the cold. It is lonely and long and dark.

So as the snow falls and falls and falls and I prepare to lace up my boots yet again to go out into the winter, I keep telling myself one thing…Spring is going to feel SOOOOO good!


Odds and Ends and Lots of Snow

With today’s massive snowstorm which warranted a hazardous travel advisory yet not even a school delay (for reals?). Wait, I have to pause here to report that it is THUNDERING, yep, mother nature is one effed up biotch lately. Ok, where was I? Right. Because of the snow and the schlepping of children to and from school in said snow, I nearly forgot to pimp my guest post on Winding Road tomorrow. I’m super excited! Kerry does a Freestyle Fridays series with a guest blogger every week. I wrote about yoga and anxiety and love…of yoga. You NEED to check it out. You need to check out Kerry’s blog anyway because it is awesomesauce. Can you tell I’m a bit punchy from all the snow, and the decongestants for my stupid cold…and all of the damn snow?

So we did pickup in this...

So we did drop-off in this…


And walked to pickup through this.

And walked to pickup through this.

I am planning to drive, wait for it, all by myself (!) to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my crazy adorable niece’s first birthday party. I haven’t been alone for a whole 7 hours in, like, over 6 years. I’m slightly psyched. So that snow had better not be planning to screw this up. Seriously.

One of my other fave bloggers, Mary at Contrary Mom, awarded me the Liebster Award the other day. I’ve actually gotten this one a few times now so I don’t do the whole thing anymore, but I do like to answer the questions when I can. Plus I think everyone should read Mary’s blog. So here you have it:

1)  Why do you blog? To stay sane. To say what I need to say. To maintain the illusion fact that I am a writer.

2) What is your best post? I have a few that I really like, but I think my favorite is my recent post on suicide. While the subject is a downer, I felt good about how I addressed it and got really good feedback.

3) What is your favorite book? I don’t have one. I love way too many books of too many varying genres to pick one favorite. I adore both Bret Easton Ellis and Jane Austen just to give you an idea.

4) Have you seen any good movies lately? The Lego Movie–everything is awesome!

5) What makes you laugh out loud? My 2-year-old being serious, my 6-year-old being silly, and New Girl

6) If it was your last week to live, how many selfies would you take in your “I’m dying” t-shirt? Like a billion.

7) What is your pet peeve? Easy, cutting in line, who do you think you is?

Ok, so wish me luck (and good weather) on my drive tomorrow, please read my guest post at Winding Road, and for goodness sakes NO MORE SNOW!

Snow Day!


Brady didn't want to hang out with everyone at the park.

So the East Coast got a lot of snow yesterday. And all those people who were shocked that it snowed in March must have no memories. Most of the bigger snowstorms that I remember have occurred in March. It’s not weird people. It just isn’t.

Brady and I started the day by attempting to go to the Y for our swim class. We made it two blocks and gave up. While B was comfy cozy in his Bundle-Me and with a wind cover – I was struggling to walk each step as I was pelted by snow and blown sideways while forcing the stroller through the drifts. We abandoned the plan in favor of a Starbucks breakfast sandwich.

Later in the afternoon however, the snow had died down and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to bust out the snow pants and boots and go play. A lot of raising a kid in New York is improvisation, at least for someone who grew up in the burbs. I like to think of Central Park as our backyard and so of course we headed there to take advantage of the white stuff.

So we hung out in front of the building.

So we hung out in front of the building.

I neglected to factor in the 15 min walk (with snow, ice, and wind) and the heat to cold ratio of a child in snow clothes in a stroller. I got Mr B all bundled and into the stroller and off we went. But by the time we arrived at our “yard” he was pissed. His face was frozen and his body was sweating. He wanted nothing to do with the snow whatsoever. In fact, he wanted nothing to do with anything. When I took him out of the stroller he threw himself  to the ground screaming. So I picked him up, and he screamed. So I let him walk, and he screamed. Finally I strapped him back in, unzipped his coat, put the wind cover on and gave him some snacks.

This appeased him and we made it back home. But  Mommy was bound and

Maybe I'll just chill in the lodge instead.

Maybe I'll just chill in the lodge instead.

determined for him to play in the snow. So we improvised. There’s a little landscaping outside of the door to our building. So Brady played in the snow right there. And he loved it!

Improvisation is key!

But baby, cold isn’t even the word!

snowWeeks like this one make me want to move to the suburbs! It is arctic outside and there is no way to get anywhere without braving the cold. It makes me want a car, with nice warm heat, to transport me to the grocery store or even better…the mall!

I’m tired of being stuck inside with the boy, who is also tired of being stuck inside. I have to say that, aside from drinking Cetaphil lotion yesterday morning (don’t worry Poison Control assures me he’ll be fine), Brady has been an angel about all this indoor (in)activity. He is currently obsessed with his Baby Signing Times video and has even learned his first sign!

He now signs “baby” by rocking his arms back and forth like he’s holding a  baby. Unfortunately, he uses this sign to tell me that he wants to watch the video…over and over…and over again. I’m convinced that his next sign will be “more”. “Put your fingertips together for more more more. Your fingertips together for more more more. Put your…” Oh, I’m sorry I drifted off into signing land there for a minute.

So yesterday we travelled to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan in the snow and cold. More on that later.

Oh the weather outside is…


Aren't I cute in my Paddinton Bear coat?

Actually, today it was pretty nice. But it’s been icky for the past few weeks. I hate winter…well, that’s not entirely true. I do hate endless gray and drizzly days, bundling up the munchkin who does not want to be bundled, putting my head down into the wind as I walk, having the Bundle-Me on the stroller, having to find two matching gloves (for me and him), and most of all being stuck inside. But I do love snow and the way that it makes the city beautiful and quiet even if it only lasts 15 minutes, I love Christmas decorations, and the way the munchkin looks when he’s all bundled up, and the smell of fireplaces burning.

So I guess there’s a give and take. But I am realizing that the boy and I are going to have to find some activities for the winter. We can’t hang out at Barnes and Noble in the kid’s section until March. I just wish that it didn’t all cost so much money!!!! I’ll be looking into no or low cost alternatives to the bookstore in the weeks to come. Wish me luck!


I have two winter looks!