My Special Valentine


The husband and I have never been very into Valentine’s Day. In high school I was the angsty chick dressed all in black scowling at anyone who had a rose in their hand on February 14th. Once I found the husband and fell all in love I felt disingenuous suddenly sporting red and spouting sonnets. So we’ve always kept it low key. We’ll give cards and a few times we exchanged gifts. Our big tradition was pancakes at the diner. 

But once Brady became old enough to care about holidays we felt that we should celebrate in some way. We get little things for the boys and we make sure to exchange cards and say ‘Happy Valentine’s” to each other. Honestly though, my little ones are the best Valentines. The husband and I find other days to celebrate our relationship.

Last night I got the perfect Valentine from Brady. I always lay with him and snuggle after I put Declan to bed and he tells me about his day or whatever else he wants to talk about. He calls it “that time at night when I get to talk to you.” Last night as we lay there, he was being a wiggle worm and I asked him why. He said, “It’s because I want to be ON you.” So he snuggled up onto my chest and I held him like I used to when he was small. There was no talking, just cuddling. I listened to him breathe and felt his heart beating onto mine as I did when he was a baby and he would nap on me. Sometimes I really miss my baby Brady and last night I had him back for a few brief moments. And it was perfect. 

After about ten minutes he started to talk about how Michael in class could beat a thousand bey blades and I knew it was time to make my exit so he could get some sleep. But I slept like a baby myself after having snuggled my boy in bed. It was the best Valentine I could have gotten.